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Touch is the easiest and quickest way of input. People can input the signals by a finger without a keyboard or a mouse.

Before you buy a touch product, there are still four parts you should consider.


Size: What is the size you want?

Color: White/Black/Dark gray

Application: What the touch product used for? Desk-top or open-frame, kiosk or integrate?

Active touch area: The size of a touchscreen is not equal to active touch area. Generally, the active touch area is smaller than the touchscreen size.


Transparency: Do you need 100% transmission of the touchscreen or lower than that?

Hardness: What is the environment of the touchscreen used in? Should it be water proof and anti-vandal.

Accuracy: Do you need precision of signature capture with a quick response?

Material: What kind of material do you need? Glass or others, is it needed to be special heat treatment?


The controller is a hardware which supplies power to touchscreen. It also adjusts to the touchscreen and the computer.

​Interface: USB/Serial

Mounting: built-in, internal/external cards?


The driver is a software program calculating and sending the touch signal to the computer. Driver should match the system of the computer. Use the links to download the right driver for you.

System:Think about the system of your computer.

Interface: USB/Serial

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