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1.    Don’t let your custom wait. Waiting is always annoying. It is important to make sure that the touchscreen can make a quick response.

2.    Use bright background color. It is easy to attract attentions with bright color. Bright colors are always vivid and arresting than dark colors.

3.    Full screen. Run your application full screen, since entire screen display can make full use of your application.

4.    Make your software unique. Let’s face it—touchscreen is a tool which makes people life simple and easy. So, unique software is essential. The software should be easy to use, all choices as clear as possible.

5.    Make the button large. We all know that our finger is bigger than a mouse point. Making the button bigger is making your touch accurate.

6.    Talk to your custom. It is interactive if you click the right and wrong button with a special sound. What’s more, sound can lead your customer to use your touchscreen.    

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